the Venus factor diet plan reviews

What Is The Venus Factor Diet?


It is harder for women than men to stay fit and thin throughout life for the reasons that women face a hormonal roller coaster ride during the reproductive and menopausal phase. To fight with this problem of women, a well-known nutritionist and celebrity fitness expert John Barban introduced an effective strategy for women, to help them control their weight, which is known as the venus factor diet plan in the weight loss community. This program is unique and amazing as it has been specially designed to cater the needs of a female body. Venus factor diet plan is now serving thousands of women around the globe regardless of age, current body shape, genetic makeup, and other hormonal imbalances.

What is Leptin Diet?

Scientists discovered that fat accumulation in the human body is controlled by a fat burning hormone called ‘Leptin’ and the amount of this hormone is two times more in females than males. Based on these research findings John decided to search more about the fact that if production of fat burning hormone is double in females as compared to males then why is obesity still more common in females. Soon he discovered that with the passage of time the hormones in a female body becomes more progressive and creates ‘Leptin’ resistance. In other words, the hormone does produce in sufficient amount but the body of a woman loses the capacity to actively response towards it which makes the assimilation of fats difficult.  Therefore, he came up with the venus factor diet plan to trigger the signals that are responsible for appetite and fat burning.

How Does Venus Factor Diet work?

Leptin sensitivity in the body actually decides that whether the fat is going to burnt down or they will create wobbly mountains. The normal dieting plans, that offer to work magically for both males and females, are more dangerous for women because the restrictive dieting decreases the leptin level in the body which in turn increases the leptin resistance so when a woman stops dieting, fats start to build up a lot faster than before. Venus factor diet does not decrease the leptin level and boost up the metabolism. It also makes the body responsive towards leptin signals and this diet is effective enough that one or two cheat days per week are not going to lessen its benefits. Venus factor includes a nutritious diet and easy workout combination that literally reverse the leptin resistance process in a female body and gives a perfectly toned figure.

The venus factor diet also provides additional information about a balanced diet that must include equal proportions of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. It induces a healthy lifestyle and teaches to eat a nutritious diet so even after completing the 12-week program, the user remains fit. This diet plan does not have any type of side effects for the reason that it works on all-natural body principles and stimulates the fat burning hormone along with the metabolism by the help of a wholesome diet plan.

the venus factor diet reviews

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