Jump manual review

How to Increase Vertical Jump with the Jump Manual?

Athletes and sports persons know the significance of hopping so if you are also one of the competitors and attempting to build it, figure out how to increase vertical jump by reading this jump manual review.

What Is Jump Manual?

No matter how strong player you are in terms of the playing tactics, some games, like basketball, just want an impeccable height and by the word height it does not mean only the physical height but also the height of your jump. Therefore, considering the problems of struggling players a complete manual to sustain enormous vertical jumping height has been introduced in which the creator covered almost every area that can contribute to a long vertical jump thus currently so many athletes and players are making the most of this Jump Manual in order to increase their jumping potentials.

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Who is the Creator?

Jacob Hiller, for those who are very much into the sports, Jacob Hiller must be a familiar name as no training can be completed without going through the techniques given by this famous professional sports trainer. Along with a personal history of the 44-inch vertical jump, Jacob Hiller has the experience of training the NBA and Olympics athletes at all levels.

After several years of experience and extensive researches in this field, Jacob wrote the jump manual to share his knowledge with all the athletes out there. His jump manual pdf, however, is not available and you would have to visit his official site in order to read this manual.

The Jump Manual – Description

This is a complete program so you can read at your convenience. The best part about this jump manual is that it does not only include training sessions but will also give the information about even the minor details like what type of shoes should you wear, how to hold the ball while playing, tips to maintain flexibility and strength, food to consume according to your body composition, how to attain stability and balance to jump higher, and much more.

Now comes the most important part, the book has a whole chapter raving about the workouts to improve vertical jump. All the techniques to increase inches of your vertical jump has been included and the workout videos are also available for the users of this manual to follow the exercises carefully.

How Does The Jump Manual Work?Jump Manual real reviews pdf

It’s a 12 weeks training based program in which users have to complete a training cycle of 2 weeks and then the whole cycle has to be repeated again so in this way users are supposed to carry out 6 cycles if they follow the program religiously.

Jacob claims that a regular user, who follows the instructions as they are mentioned in the manual, can successfully add 10 inches in his current jump height owing to the fact that workout sessions make the body able to attain the desired height and the nutrition plan gives enough strength to muscles which adds in the stability and balance of body.

To increase the motivational level, an interactive platform has been offered by Jacob where all users can talk to each other as well as with Jacob for additional knowledge and training.


  • A research-based manual is given by a professional trainer
  • Gives satisfactory results if being followed with extreme conscientiousness
  • A bible for athletes especially basketball and volleyball players
  • Covers the general fitness too along with vertical jump
  • Includes all the fundamentals of vertical jumping
  • Workouts can be performed anywhere and there is no need to buy expensive gym membership
  • No hidden charges


  • The program, however, does not work like an overnight magic pill that you take and start high-level vertical jumping
  • It needs utter dedication and obedient following to show the promised results
  • Does not tell whether it’s effective for women athletes or not
  • No pdf available which is a real turn off


The jump manual is truly worth giving a shot because even if you do not follow all the instructions, the program will still work and will definitely add in the inches of your present vertical jump height.

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